2022 Oregon Initiative Petition 34 – Amends Constitution: Repeals redistricting process by legislature; creates redistricting commission; equal number Democrats, Republicans, others; 2023 redistricting



Summary: Amends Constitution. Oregon Constitution requires legislature to redraw state legislative districts every ten years. Legislature also draws congressional districts. Measure repeals current state constitutional processes; creates twelve-member commission to draw congressional and state legislative districts. Commission membership restricted based on length of residence/party affiliation, recent political work, political contributions, or family members who engaged in certain political activity. Secretary of State randomly selects six members from applicant group; other members chosen by first six. Four members must be registered with each of largest two political parties, four unaffiliated or from other parties. At least one Democrat, Republican, and other must agree for commission to approve map or take other action. Changes redistricting criteria. Repeals 2021 map; requires redistricting in 2023. Other provisions.

1/6/2022 Ballot Title Appealed to Supreme Court.